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Experience art in your independent living community, assisted living community, memory care or skilled nursing community.

Classes in watercolor, acrylic, charcoal and more, in classes up to 12 people.

Spectrum 1 Video and News Article on The Community Studio's Owner

Click the link below to see the Spectrum 1 News article video and article on The Community Studio. It will give you a taste for how our classes are run and the impact it has with our students.


VIDEO: What is the Community Studio?


Our Fine Art program includes all the materials, saving you time and money. Our professional teaching in easy to follow steps will help you bring quality life enrichment to your programing. This inclusive program is created for the challenges we face as older adults. Whether a resident is experiencing life changes in memory care or is a retired artist in independent living, this program is designed to meet the needs of all levels of ability. We are looking forward to working with you in the creative, fun and rewarding times ahead!

We are the Community Studio. We give creative instruction to adults who have chosen a retirement housing lifestyle, those in rehabilitation and those who reside in an assisted living environment. During these Corona Virus times, we have also committed to safety protocols. We are fully vaccinated with booster with dated card for location files and adhere to location mandates of masking, social distancing and testing.

Our program is designed to promote education, accomplishment, self worth and socialization.. 

The human need to create and communicate are a part of a healthy and happy life. We work to enhance the lives that we serve. 

Classes are made to be to be enjoyed by older adults at every skill level and abilities including memory care, rehabilitation centers, assisted living and independent living. We offer a wide variety of media such as painting, drawing, clay and printmaking.

Please enjoy our gallery of projects below (scroll right to view full collection). Note that all projects shown are created by our students in a variety of communities: IL, AL, MC and SNF.

Get top quality assistance

Our service provides positive support for your Independent Living Community , Assisted Living Community, Memory Care Community   or Skilled Nursing community.

Talent Levels

Our program is designed to engage a full scope of abilities. Success is sometimes just being able to be at the table. We focus on the ride not the destination.

We make art fun, attainable and dignified for our adults who are challenged with shaky hands, poor vision and memory issues.

*No-spill/No-sip paint water cups

*Printed/sketched watercolor paper

*Non-toxic paint

*Easy to follow instruction with a no-worries attitude

*Adult art materials-DIGNITY, RESPECT

Activity Directors - 

- We provide the materials for most projects, so you don't have to find them, price shop or spend time out of your community!

One low cost includes- travel to your community, materials, lesson planning, ordering, preparation and professional teaching.

We set up and clean up.

No Inventory


We use a variety of medium for our projects. Watercolor, acrylics, charcoal, pastels and more.


We socialize! Art and wine parties (where approved). Music is played during the classes to promote a relaxing and fun atmosphere.

Dignity and Accomplishment

We provide art for adults. We use real artist materials, process oriented instruction and set our students up to win. Creation gives people a measure of  satisfaction and pride that enhances ones life.


We provide posters to display the time and day of the event and sign-up sheets. We encourage Coordinators to treat our class as a "special event" for ALL, not just artists.



For the Residents:

* Respect and dignity- We treat everyone as an adult with our words and actions.

*Teacher has a  4 year degree in Teaching or Fine Art. The owner has a BFA, MBA and over 10 years working in senior related industries.

*We use only the right materials for the media used. 

*Techniques have been designed to assist with the success of older adults without diminishing the creative process or pandering.

*Socialization after COVID.

*FUN, Laughter and therapeutic time to create.

For the Director:

* Low Cost- one known cost for your budget

* All materials are included

* All lessons are provided

* We shop and create the classes.

* We hold the inventory for many types of media.

* We provide posters and sign-up sheets

* Happy residents and families, who will prize their loved ones creations for years to come.


Our Activity Director Support 



p: (803)955-6007


The Community Studio

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